Outsourcing Can Boost Growth in South Africa’s Hospitality Industry

The South African tourism industry offers a ray of light in the country’s otherwise rather subdued economy. With a 12.8% increase in overnight foreign visitors in 2016 – in [...]

5 Outsourcing Myths Dispelled

Outsourcing has become a reality for many companies as they look to bolster their competitive advantage and consolidate costs. In South Africa, where many industries are affected by a [...]

Staff outsourcing can save a business up to 60% on operational costs: That’s a promise you can bank on

In a survey published in the New York Times, American workers admitted that only about 35% of their day was productive work time. The rest is lost to distractions - [...]

Staff outsourcing requires companies to tighten third-party management

By Arnoux Maré, CEO Innovative Staffing Solutions   With the Internet at their fingertips, consumers demand lower prices for every good distributed or service rendered. This in turn is [...]

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