While employee happiness is fundamental to business success, many employers forget this fact when times are tough, and they need to tighten their belts and keep costs down.

Innovative Staffing Solutions understands that the wellbeing of its staff is non-negotiable. A subsidiary of Innovative Solutions Group™, Innovative Staffing Solutions makes sure its employees are well taken care of so that they can, in turn, deliver the industry-leading services that the company offers its clients.

Innovative Staffing Solutions managing director, Arnoux Maré, says the company’s focus on the wellbeing of its employees and their families means greater productivity and efficiency for everyone. “An employee who is well taken care of is more likely to be productive and, importantly, to stick around, an important consideration in an economy where employee retention is an issue.”

Maré started Innovative Staffing Solutions in 2013 when he realised that the only way to mitigate his clients’ labour risk was to bear it himself. The company employs more than 8,000 people on a full-time basis to meet its clients’ requirements. By placing appropriately-skilled Innovative Staffing Solutions’ employees with its clients, it assumes responsibility and accountability for its clients’ labour needs.

Despite the large number of people in its employ, Innovative Staffing Solutions has not experienced a single incident of labour unrest in its years of operation.

Maré says when clients know their workforce is taken care of, well trained and productive, they can focus on their core business capabilities and grow their businesses. “Outsourcing their staff to us reduces their business risk in terms of industrial action and enables them to spend capital funds on their business, products or customers. Managers and other key staff members can focus on strategic business functions instead of getting embroiled in day-to-day staffing issues.”

In 2017, the company employed one person for every working hour in the year, across various industry sectors, including transport, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and agriculture – despite a challenging economy.

“We are elated that we have changed many lives by permanently outsourcing employees to new job opportunities in the various industry sectors we operate in. We believe the outsourcing industry is a key enabler of much-needed growth and full-time job creation in South Africa,” says Maré.

An example of Innovative Staffing determination to ensure the wellbeing of its staff is the unique in-house medical aid plan the company implemented for the more than 5,000 truck drivers in its employ.

“Because of the high concentration levels required by truck drivers, they are naturally more vulnerable to road accidents. We moved away from the industry’s wellness scheme for truck drivers, which only offers a limited healthcare programme with no hospital cover, because we wanted to ensure the health and wellbeing of our drivers by giving them access to the best options and benefits available in the market,” says Maré.

The company joined hands with one of the largest medical aid schemes in South Africa to offer its 5,500 truck drivers the most affordable and comprehensive medical aid package in the country.

Maré says proof that Innovative Staffing Solutions’ approach works is evidenced by the many clients who have grown their fleet sizes due to more efficient systems, a more productive workforce and little to no industrial action.

He is confident that the Innovative Solutions Group™ – which has its head office in Pretoria and offices in all major operational areas across the country, including Nelspruit, Komatipoort, Bloemfontein, Kimberly, Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth and Limpopo – will continue to lead the outsourcing industry in South Africa and will employ 15 000 people by the end of 2018.