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As one of South Africa’s most important yet complex industries, Innovative Staffing Solutions boasts specific expertise in the mining sector. From small private mines and subcontractors to large JSE-listed organisations, we have assisted a wide range of clients within the space to optimise their operational concerns.

This is through services such as performing mine planning and making certain that the necessary mineral rights and licenses are in place, conducting safety audits, enforcing operational plans, and ensuring that mining targets are met.


Whether you’re a farm machinery producer, agrichemical manufacturer, food processing company, or livestock or produce farmer, Innovative Staffing Solutions boasts deep knowledge of South Africa’s agricultural sector with custom-built solutions tailored to your operational requirements.

With over 30+ clients in agriculture nationwide, we have assisted clients in the agricultural space to achieve operational growth of up to 16%, while enhancing their profitability.


As the foundation of a variety of other sectors within the country, a top-performing engineering industry is vital to growth. Innovative Staffing Solutions is able to assist clients in the engineering field perform at their best through providing comprehensive operational services guided by leading experts, including project management, regulatory compliance, health and safety monitoring, maintenance checks, material planning, and more.
With over 60+ clients in the field, our outsourcing solutions have enabled businesses to achieve average annual growth rates of up to 23% through enhancing efficiency and streamlining their operations.


Innovative Staffing Solutions has worked with a diverse range of businesses within the construction industry, partnering with some of South Africa’s most well-known construction businesses to small family-sized plumbing contractors.

We can assist with all companies’ most pressing operational requirements, such as project management, quantity surveying, health and safety compliance, building licenses and municipal permissions, material lists, process planning, employee screening, and ensuring that all work is completed to specification.

Transportation and logistics

With over 3,500 permanently employed, full-time staff within the transportation and logistics industry nationwide, Innovative Staffing Solutions provides holistic operational solutions to ensure seamless processes and maximum performance. 

From route planning, distribution planning, warehouse management, and ghost cars and security services to driver screening and training, we offer comprehensive services for reducing risk, minimising costs and boosting productivity. This has enabled clients within the industry to achieve operational growth of up to 40 within two years.


Retail trade sales represent nearly 20% of South Africa’s entire GDP, and with the explosion of e-commerce, the retail industry has become an increasingly exciting, dynamic and competitive space. Innovative Staffing Solutions is the strategic partner to over 50 retail businesses countrywide, and has earned a reputation for giving companies the competitive advantage needed to skyrocket growth. From major distributors, wholesalers and retailers to small speciality stores, we have assisted clients to achieve growth of up to 24%with comprehensive operational services including quality checks, floor planning and employee training.


From game farms and hunting lodges to hotels, restaurants and bars, Innovative Staffing Solutions is partner to over 50+ clients within the hospitality industry, and is a recognised operational partner for boosting growth and profitability. Innovative Staffing Solutions can assist with meeting all regulatory requirements, health and safety standards, and rating criteria, as well as performing quality controls, floor planning, scheduling, maintenance checks, administration and employee screening and training.


Innovative Staffing Solutions offers operational services to a broad-spectrum manufacturers, from clothing to complex steel manufacturing concerns.

We are able to assist with all operational concerns to enhance efficiency,  including regulatory compliance, health and safety audits and monitoring, maintenance checks, process planning, staff training and more, providing high quality services to cut costs while maximising performance.

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