Three years ago, Innovative Staffing Solutions only had 6,700 employees, today we have more 19,000 permanent staff members. While I am grateful for what we’ve achieved this over nine years, I often sit back in amazement at the astonishing number of jobs that we have created over such a short space of time. And I mean this in the most humbling way! Getting here has not been an easy task. At times I had more problems than I could solve and more than once I asked myself and those closest to me if it is all worth it, but I kept pushing. Looking back, all those sacrifices and uphill battles were worth it, and act as daily reminders that make me more appreciative of what I have and what it took to acquire it.

People are stunned when I tell them that my business grew by 15% during this COVID-19 lockdown, but they shouldn’t be, because I always advocate that adversity brings opportunity. Do not see this business unusual environment as a threat that is going to close your business or rob you of your income. Take stock of where you are, what you’ve been through and THINK about what you need to do to overcome this. Difficulties offer valuable insight as to how you can do things innovatively and differently to your competitors. Make peace with the fact that there is nothing you can do about COVID-19 except to protect yourself and those who you care about – and use this time to find your business’ unique selling proposition. Then market that.

Giving up is not an option, you need to push through the hard times.

Alternatively, to give your business a fighting chance, outsource your staff to Innovative Staffing Solutions, so that you can focus your efforts on growing your business rather than managing non-core functions like employees and their related matters.

Message me, I’d love to discuss how my team and I can help your business. #ArnouxEntrepreneur