Through providing a comprehensive offering of outsourced services and solutions, Innovative Solutions Group™ is able to ensure that businesses reach their full potential…

 Arnoux Maré had been employed in the corporate environment for many years, and noticed that HR departments across the board shared similar problems. While these large companies had human capital specialists on hand to deal with these complexities, he realised that the same could not be said for SMEs.  This gap – between expertise and resources – is what the now 8000-staff strong, R780 million turnover Innovative Solutions Group, seeks to fill on a daily basis, across a broad spectrum of company functions.

An expanding enterprise

Maré took on the challenges he saw in the human resources realm by becoming a South African labour law expert, and consulting to clients on cases that had been taken to the CCMA. Within a year his workload had mushroomed to  include services to companies in the areas of fair labour practices, labour legislation and industrial relations, and led to the start-up of Innovative Solution Group’s first subsidiary, Innovative Staffing Solutions, in 2013. More subsidiaries followed, so that now the group is able to offer a “one-stop shop” for business owners to outsource various functions of their business; with Innovative Accounting Solutions, Innovative BEE Solutions and Innovative PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Solutions complementing the offering into a full turnkey service.

“The basis of our group is the idea that outsourcing is the key to business success. For instance, why should a firm of lawyers be occupying their time employing cleaners, security guards, IT technicians and secretaries or spending excessive hours on balancing their books when they should be maximising consulting hours at a far higher rate of revenue? The same principle applies in almost every sector of our economy,” says Maré.

“We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs should have trustworthy service providers who act as their proxy, assuming the same level of responsibility and accountability as the company itself would had it been providing the service. We have grown rapidly both organically and through acquisition by seeking out individuals and companies who share the same vision. Such entrepreneurs have the guts, instinct and entrepreneurship to start their own business. With resources to their disposal, our expanding group of companies have found that they can experience faster growth, while simultaneously providing Innovative Solutions Group with a broader portfolio of offerings tailor-made to suit each client. A single word describes all our subsidiaries and the quality which distinguishes us from our competitors – passion.”

Your greatest asset – and liability

Maré goes on to explain that when dissecting the fundamentals of a company, the financial and human resource pillars of the business are the backbone of most organisations. While many companies say that their employees are their greatest asset, Innovative Solutions Group would say that while great employees are certainly a business’s greatest asset, staff can also be a greatest liability. Employees not only bring with them their skills and abilities but can sometimes also offer unforeseen complications, says Maré.  The challenge of management is to translate those competences into increased workforce production. “You may have the most advanced business technology, services or goods but these will only be as effective as the weakest link in your workforce. Even companies with a track record of success can suffer stagnation at the hands of incompetent staff. Only a business with a motivated, flexible, capable and satisfied workforce is properly equipped to deal with the forever increasing competitiveness of the markets.”

Today’s SME landscape is a competitive and dynamic environment that demands diligence and wit, and success is dependent on a stable, skilled, dedicated and productive workforce. For many companies looking to boost their competitive edge and to consolidate costs, outsourcing has become a reality. In South Africa, where many industries are affected by a workforce mostly driven by organised labour, outsourcing can become one of the best survival strategies in their business toolkits.

Freed up to focus

“Outsourcing your work force needs to Innovative Staffing Solutions, allows you to free yourself and your company from all the administrative clutter, leaving you to focus on your core business, rather than dealing with staff impediments,” says Maré.

“We understand the industry is all about relationships that can become the foundation for successful partnerships – internally and externally. We can proudly say that we are trusted by our staff, our clients, organised labour and our suppliers. We have highly-trained Contract Managers who are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Your business is as important to us as it is to you so we don’t keep office hours. We continuously strive for improvement on targets and exceeding clients and employees’ expectations. While the industry standard is that an employee query be resolved within five days, we insist on doing so within 24 hours. We believe that a happy workforce is a productive one, which makes for an equally happy client.”

Mare’s word to entrepreneurs on what has helped his company achieve its phenomenal growth is exactly this – happy clients equal success. “One just needs to ensure that you are the service provider of choice through impeccable client service and service delivery. Remember that your success is not tied to the current economic climate. We have managed to thrive amid very tough times, and all the challenges we’ve faced have in fact led to unexpected opportunities. If you’re serious about business growth, don’t dwell on problems, but look for solutions, and be sure to capitalise on the right moment when it presents itself.”