Truck driver competency can strengthen the economy

The City of Johannesburg recently announced the arrest of seven licensing department officials for illegally allowing motorists to obtain drivers licenses, license discs, and for illegally registering their vehicles, [...]

We’ve got them covered

Innovative Staffing Solutions has joined hands with one of the largest medical aid schemes in South Africa to offer the company’s 5500 truck drivers the most affordable and comprehensive [...]

Good drivers are an invaluable asset to any fleet

With trucks an ever-present reality on South African roads, it is important that their drivers adhere to strict health and safety standards. This is not always easy when they [...]

Cost Effective Ways to Train Staff

Training budgets are usually the first to undergo cuts when an economic recession knocks on the door. Yet having a skilled workforce is a critical element of success for [...]

Untrained truck drivers placing strain on economy

Arrive Alive figures suggest that 27.5% of accidents on our roads are caused by trucks and light delivery vehicles. Truck accidents accounted for 4.8%. Although relatively few in number, [...]

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