Innovative Staffing Solutions

Minimise operational costs, maximise efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

With Innovative Staffing Solutions’ operational management services, you can save up to 15% or more on costs while putting your company’s growth into top gear.

We offer comprehensive, turnkey business solutions for companies of all sizes and across all industries, from large JSE-listed corporations and blue chips to small family-sized businesses.

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Drawing on the deep experience and expertise of our team, Innovative Staffing Solutions works to reduce operational expenses, maximise efficiency, improve service standards, and boost productivity, driving phenomenal business performance for ultimate success.


We offer a one-stop shop for all your operational needs, saving you time and money, and giving you the fuel needed to grow your business.


Our wide range of services includes regulatory compliance, quality control, operational planning, project management, human resources and payroll management, administration, and more.

Innovative Staffing Solutions is South Africa’s premier operational outsourcing service provider, with more than a decade in the field and an impressive track record of success. With close to 38,000 permanently employed staff across the country, we are the home of a wide range of highly qualified and trained professionals, placing your business in expert hands. 

As strategic partners of choice, we are relentless when it comes to ensuring that businesses achieve peak operational performance while streamlining costs. From improving working conditions for staff to perform at their best, to ensuring that every facet of a company’s operations is running smoothly and up to a high standard, we free businesses of administrative clutter and hassles so that they can focus on their core operations.  

 In this way, we have helped clients to immediately cut back operational costs while achieving an average annual growth rate of 18% 

 I am proud to lead an organisation so committed to delivering high quality service to all clients across all industries, and look forward to welcoming you to our business.  

Arnoux Maré 


Innovative Staffing Solutions

Innovative Staffing Solutions boasts a growing national footprint, and is able to deliver a high quality service to businesses of any size in any region in South Africa.  


Our clients work in a diverse and vast range of industries, including mining, agriculture, engineering, construction, transportation and logistics, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and more.  


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