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Why Innovative Solutions Group?

As a middle-income country, South Africa has an abundance of low and semi-skilled workers, who can be a challenge to manage. Conversely, skilled workers and those in managerial positions are in high demand, short supply and are expensive to retain. Staffing a business can therefore be time-consuming and demanding when management ought to be focusing on the core competencies of the business. Innovative Staffing Solutions offers an alternative to this dilemma by assuming responsibility and accountability for your staff, ensuring they are trained, proficient and ideally suited to your specific business’ requirements.

We boast unparalleled human resource and industrial relations expertise to manage your staff and recruitment processes. Innovative Staffing Solutions do not just simply align with your long-term strategy, we are your long-term strategy by proxy.

At Innovative Staffing Solutions we have the operational capability to provide staffing solutions across the full spectrum of your business, whether it be a large corporate company, a medium sized enterprise or a small business, we have a bespoke staffing solution for you. From our extensive experience, we understand that every business is unique with its own culture and operations. Our solutions are consequently tailored to those unique conditions which set your business apart.

As an entrepreneurial business, innovation is our driving force, enabling us to develop solutions which maximise service delivery while remaining cost effective. Our staffing solutions are designed at the rock-face to simplify systems and lessen your workload and exposure.

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